Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bora Bora Birthday

I woke up a year older today. Funny how birthdays do that to you. Just when you think life is going fine- BAM! You're over the hill, more than halfway to 80. No offense to the octogenarians out there, but I think I might jump.

Then again, we're in the French territories. Maybe a sabre would be better? We all know how much Napoleon loved his sword.

Wait? What's that you say? There's champagne?

Perhaps I should rethink this jugular thing. After all, Napoleon loved his champagne too, and legend around here has it that this is how he opened his bottles on the battlefield.

With a pop, the cork lands in the lagoon. Guess I have to jump in after all. Cheers to that! And cheers to the octogenarions too! See you soon!

Maruuru, everyone, thanks for all the birthday wishes today!

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1 comment:

Mom said...

Well it sure looks like you outdid yourself with the sword thing, Lise! Keep having LOTS of FUN and can't wait to see you soon, hopefully. XOXO Love you forever